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How To Make Money Writing What You need to Know Online

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How To Make Money Writing What You need to Know Online

How To Make Money Writing What You need to Know Online

What is it that you want? Answer that question and you will begin to answer the question of how to make money by writing online.

You want to be enlightened, you want to learn how to do something because it will get you somewhere. It could be to make more money, get more respect, lose some weight or learn how to sail whatever it is, you’re reading it because of the value you can glean from it. Once you decide that it no longer has value to you, the writer’s gone on about something you don’t care about, you’re gone right? That’s exactly right. Write like you would want to be written to.

In a “how to” you must get to the point fast and stay on topic with discussion items that teach something not known by the reader before. This isn’t easy to do when you don’t know the education level of your reader and it depends on what you are writing; a book or an article.

When you write you are creating something of value and if you do it right it will be sought after by many. It’s not easy to sit down and press those little keys and make something happen that brings in the cash but it can be done If you:

1. Have something of value that is unique. The information you are providing must be new and valuable to the reader. You can offer a different take on an old topic or describe how using two or more products in tandem will create a better result than before. It must be something that the reader can take and apply to their business immediately and get results.

2. Put yourself into it. Show exactly how your business has changed for the better because of a product you’ve created or a technique you’ve developed. There is nothing more powerful than proof. Proof that we can check out. We look at the people who are now successful and think they must have always been there but the truth is they had to start somewhere. If you can show that you started small and are now successful you will be someone others want to learn from.

3. Write in terms of your readers’ interests. Have you ever read those articles that had your eyes slamming shut on you? I know I have. When you keep your writing topic-driven and deviate rarely from the subject that started your readers reading in the first place you can greatly decrease the bounce. How do you do this? One way that I do it is to continually look up to the premise sentence, it keeps me focused on the topic at hand.

4. Give, give and give some more. You can’t be concerned with giving too much of your good stuff. What if you give it all away and there’s nothing else to sell? That’s not going to happen. Why? There are many reasons why you will never run out of material: We all need reinforcement, Sometimes something said in another way is necessary to get our attention, Ideas spark new ideas, People are at different stages of their search.

5. Be enthusiastic and create excitement for your product. You can have the best product in the world but if you put it in a plain brown wrapper and slap a dull label on it in you are not going to get the attention needed to make it a success. You have created something that didn’t exist before, be proud scream about it and hype it up like crazy.

6. Be everywhere at the same time. When you make a new product available you need to announce it everywhere at the same time. So that everywhere a customer is they see your product. This is done to set up your product as a practical information source. It creates a sense of authority and credibility in the customer’s mind. They think: “There must be something to this it’s everywhere, I gotta check it out”.

7. Follow up. If someone looks at your product thank them. If someone buys your product thank them. After you’ve thanked them keep the conversation going. Don’t let a customer slip away because you have ceased to be interesting to them. This means that you must always be one step ahead and keep the customer engaged and excited, keep them learning.

8. Write. The more you write about your area of expertise the better you get and the more you are able to write. When you write you are always going deeper into your subject which brings questions you hadn’t thought of before. These are the gold nuggets that you’re looking for. If you, the expert, haven’t thought to ask then possibly others haven’t either and the answer could be an insight for anyone wanting to learn more on your subject.

If you concentrate on providing value to your readers and consider their time as you would your own you can’t go wrong. Your following will then be excited each time they receive your email or see something posted by you. What a great feeling to know that your words hold such value in their hearts.

Don has been involved in publishing, advertising and article writing since the late 90’s. His books “Easy Way to Create your own Information Product” and “How Even The ‘Not So Perfect Guys’ can make $10,000 Per Month Online” have helped thousands to get ahead online. [] He teaches what’s needed to write a successful opt-in page and how to follow it up with and outstanding product that sells. If you subscribe you will also receive: “From Idea to Product to Sale: 5 Steps to get Your Online Business Up and Running Profitably”. You are guided step by step through the product selection, brainstorming and marketing process to a finished creation of your own. Don Always says “The money is in the list but you’ve got to work it”, which means that collecting emails and sending ARs out without thinking about it is over. Be yourself yes, but get over yourself and treat your subscribers as individuals that’s how you make sales.


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