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How To Freelance Your Proficiency And Succeed


How To Freelance Your Proficiency And Succeed

What is Freelance?

You can learn how to freelance since this is the best way you can improve your writing skills and at the same time earn money while you work from home. A freelancer works from home on contract basis, he or she is self employed and so the services they give earns them money. A freelancer can choose when to work, where to work and whom to work for.

Freelance writing is all about being an independent writer who does different projects which are from several companies, it also requires one to be committed and serious with the work they do. Aim high and have a target so as to be successful.

Some of the common fields in freelancing are: Website developer, Copy writing, Computer programming, Proof reading, Data entry, Graphic designer and many more.

3 Reasons Why You Can Freelance From Home

1. Time

You can freelance with ease and set your own working time. When you work from home as a freelancer you can work part time or full time. Freelancing also does not put any work strain on you because you choose the kind of assignment you think you can tackle.

2. You Can Work From Home

Freelancing does not necessarily need an office. You can work at the comfort of your home. You only need basic technology that comes along with freelancing. Some of the things you require are a computer with internet connection, business email, word processing software, telephone, data security and the required skills depending on the tasks.

3. You Are Your Own Boss

Working from home as a freelancer, one needs to have top most discipline. You don’t have a supervisor over you, so you have to remind yourself of the deadlines and even keep checking the progress of your work.

How To Begin Freelancing

If you have several skills, focus on at least two of your strongest points that you are skillful with and are frequently sought after services in the industry. Prepare a good resume; remember your portfolio tells much about your capabilities. If need be, you can hire a professional to prepare the resume at a fee. Including examples of work that you have done previously is an added advantage. Evaluating competition in the niche that you choose is vital because this will tell you the market size and the ability to take up new writers.

Where To Find Freelance Assignments

The lists of freelance sites are coming out every day. Most of them are scams. For you to learn how to freelance and succeed, you need to find out the authenticity of the site before engaging one self. Most sites post their requirements of writers on their site. It is advisable to browse through various sites for topics of your skill.

Some examples the freelance sites include, ODesk and Elance.

a. ODesk – Do not be quick to bid for a low price on assignments. Take your time because new jobs are posted everyday. Exercise patience and you will see the benefits when the good paying jobs come along.

b. Elance – This is so far the best site, the assignments are vast and the pay is high.

c. Magazines – Though they do not pay much, they are quit good for a small beginning. You can start writing articles on magazines before your business grows to be an online freelancer.

Always remember to deliver good quality work on time, since there is a strong demand of quality freelancers.

How To Freelance And Avoid Being Scammed

1. The Assignment

Watch out on unworkable deadlines. If the deadlines are too soon be on the caution and also for jobs with remarks such as “It’s really easy job”. This could be a bait to get you into the scam.

2. The Compensation

As the saying goes, “when the deal is too good think twice”. Generous payments are used to lure you into scams. Once you are in and the job is done you will never get paid.

Some clients will promise to pay you after the delivery of the final product. It is good to withhold the delivery of the final product until payment is done.

3. The Client

Your qualification will determine the kind of assignment to do. If the client offers you a job of different qualifications it could be an indicator of a scam.

A client that does not have contact should be avoided as quickly as possible.

8 Ways To Show You Are A Professional In Freelancing

Learning how to freelance in a professional way is vital. Freelancer jobs are for professional candidates.

Before your potential clients give you an assignment, they try to figure out on which class you fall: the good or the bad class.

The question here is, how can you show that you are a hard-working and a honest freelancer? Every little thing you do counts.

1. Have A Business Identity

Just like any other online home business, it is important to have a professional business identity.

A business identity consists of;

aBusiness Cards

b. Well designed website

c. A business logo

2. Your Pricing Should Be Set Up

Setting up your pricing structure early will help you when you are placing your freelance charges. This makes you not to overcharge or undercharge.

3. Present Your Previous Work

Be sure to present previous work from other clients if at all you have any. Incase you do not have any previous work; you can simply volunteer and obtain one, which can later boost your profile as a freelancer.

4. Show Your Clients Testimonials And Comments

Make sure your testimonials are real. It is important to include your previous clients detailed information, just in-case any one wants to find out the truth.

5. Confidence

Whenever you are talking to your clients, don’t be unsure about yourself. Learn to be confident, because clients will buy your confidence before they buy your service.

6. Your Information Should Be Detailed In The Website

Most clients will want to know more about you before working with you as a freelancer. Adding your detailed information on your website will be an added advantage for you. This can give you a lot of credibility.

7. Dressing Code

Your dressing code is very important when dealing with your clients face to face. Your dressing code will tell much about you. Be neat in your overall appearance.

8. Be Willing To Say No

Turning down some requests that are not in your area of expertise make you look professional. You can not be a professional in every field. Choose exactly what you are experienced at.

5 Factors To Consider Before Charging Your Client In Your Freelance Business

The biggest challenge in freelance business is how much you can charge your clients for your services.

The competition on freelancing is too high, so it is advisable not to overcharge because you will not get hired. On the other hand if you undercharge you will starve. Ideally, the best way is to be average while being competitive.

1. Level Of Skill And Experience

This goes without say, when you are well skilled in a particular area of business, you can charge more in your services, unlike when you are not well skilled. This is because the services rendered by both skilled and unskilled are really different. On the other hand if you have more experience your charging rates are higher.

2. The Market Demand

When the demand is great your charges should be high. When there is too much work coming in it is always a sign of high demand. When you are really competing to get jobs is a sign of low demand which will make the charges go a little bit down.

3. Who Is Your Client

The Charges will always vary from client to client. Some clients are repeat customers, some jobs are riskier, and some really need a lot of effort and much more.

4. Your Take Home

Freelancing is business. Make sure you can be able to pay for your expenditures and atleast remain with a few dollars to take home. Regardless of the competition in the industry, you must ensure that the prices you choose are fair. A business owner who charges a fair price is certain to rank higher amongst competitors. Choosing a fair price for your services can be dependent on the level of skill and services that are offered.

5. Size Of Your Business

A small business does not have much expense; it does not have great bills and also it does not have many employees to pay salary. This makes them feel comfortable charging a little bit lower. When the business is big, the charges will be higher because of the huge expenses that come along with it.

4 Ways To Keep Your Clients In Your Freelance Business

1. Always Offer Excellent Service

The market is very competitive. Every client is looking out for the best services. No one wants to pay for anything that is average. Good services will boost your home business because you will get more clients.

2. Contact And Communication

Having the clients contact is important because it makes communication easy. You can talk to each other at any time should changes arise. When you communicate you keep them posted in your progress. Communication gives your clients peace of mind. Make sure you answer all the emails and phone calls from your clients. It is a way of building trust and letting them know that the deadline will be met by you.

3. Offer Incentives to Your Repeat Customers

Building a strong relationship with your regular clients is vital. You can offer them free incentives occasionally. By doing so, you make them feel appreciated and make them long for your services.

4. Ask About Client’s Comments

Ask your clients on general view of your performance. Genuine clients will tell you if there is anything you should reflect on to make your business more favorable to their needs. And by so doing you will build a good relationship with your clients and they can possibly come back for your services.

6 Mistakes To Avoid As A Freelancer

1. Saying “Yes” Always

Learn to say No when you find out that the client has a workload that you can not accomplish at their desired time.

2. Interruption

A freelancer has to be much disciplined in order to get their work done on time and accurately. Interruption like housework, internet surfing and television can hinder you from submitting quality work on time. Find a place that is quiet in order for you to concentrate.

3. Over Committing

Do not commit all your time to one client. You need time for your self; you need time to market your self, you need time to unwind and also time to catch up with your personal life.

4. Under pricing

You have the right to earn a fair price for your service. Learn to compare the volume of the assignment with the pay and see if it is worth. This is a major point to be considered especially if you have a family to look after.

5. Communication

Freelancing is one of the areas that are affected by scam. Sending and receiving emails is not a perfect substitute of one-to-one talk. Sometimes it is important to communicate with the clients’ office so that you may know whom you are dealing with. Make sure that the company is legit before engaging your self. Find out what people are saying about the company.

6. Clarity

Time and time again freelancing contracts end up in disputes because of lack of clarity of terms in the very beginning. Get to understand and agree on the contract to avoid disputes with your client.

Conclusion: Freelance writing is about excellence and time keeping, this builds trust amongst the two parties.

Freelance writing is all about being an independent writer. Here are 3 reasons Why you can freelance as you work from home. [

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