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5 Ways to Make Money in a Bad Economy

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5 Ways to Make Money in a Bad Economy

5 Ways to Make Money in a Bad Economy

I’m frequently asked how to make money in a downturn of the economy, and the fact is even in our global recessionary times there are a myriad of ways to make money both off and online. The purpose of this article is to highlight some of the most effective and genuine ways that anyone could generate an income online relatively quickly with the appropriate training…

1) Join A Top Tier Income Program

A top Tier Program is the term used to describe a direct sales business where you make a minimum of $500 to $1000 per sale. The other fact that distinguishes a Top Tier Program is the fact that you are paid immediately on every sale that your system makes for you rather than have to wait for a monthly payment cycle as in say MLM. The term GET PAID TODAY was made famous by the Coffee Shop report that explains some of the benefits of Top Tier Programs.

Professional Top Tier Programs will provide all the training and mentoring to enable even a beginner on the internet to get into profit quickly.

Such programs offer many advantages over either MLM or Franchises and there is lots of evidence of successful people making 5 figure monthly incomes and multiple six figures annual incomes.

Top Tier Programs are highly automated and the professional ones provide effective outsourcing as described in every budding entrepreneurs must read book, The 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris.

2) CPA Marketing

CPA which stands for Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition is a form of affiliate marketing. With CPA marketing you don’t have to actually sell a product; you can get rewarded for something as simple as driving traffic to a landing page and the website visitor doing an email submit. There are many CPA networks that provide a range of products.

You need to buy traffic at one price and send it to your CPA offer from which you expect to get paid at a higher rate.

CPA is in my opinion better than regular affiliate marketing. Evidence shows that 98% of people don’t buy from the first sighting of a product online. While a major advantage of CPA marketing is you are paid without even having to sell anything, the disadvantage is that the amounts of individual commission may be small.

3) Buy A Franchise

A franchise is a proven business model whereby an agreement or license between two parties allows a given person (known as the franchisee) the rights to market a product or service using the trademark name of another business (known as the franchisor).

The franchisee is effectively buying an established brand name and can utilise the systems and procedures already in place. A franchise can be attractive to some people as it provides a ready made business model.
The downside is they are often very expensive and insist on things being done in a particular way which stifles creatively for those that truly want to have their own business.

The most effective franchise models I have experienced are online franchises offering full internet training and mentoring. They tend to be considerably less expensive, and therefore less risk than traditional franchises yet frequently offer a far higher return on your investment.

4) MLM – Multi Level Marketing

MLM is often called network marketing or relationship marketing and refers to a marketing structure used by many companies to promote their products and services. Products are promoted through word of mouth through a network of individuals making commission through referring these products on to others people.

MLM is basically a marketing structure whose sales force are individuals just like you or I, who make sales by referring products that they often use themselves to their friends, family and associates. One of the earliest and best known MLM companies is Amway.

As a member or distributor you get paid not only on the sales that you personally generate but on the sales that your down line, and the structure below them makes.

The advantages of MLM are that almost anyone can join one providing that they are 18 or older. While some people are successful with MLM the biggest challenge is building a team big enough to leverage your efforts and make an income from.

5) eBay

Create your own eBay account for free and start selling online. There are lots of ways to do it profitably.
You could have your own worldwide store with hundreds of products. By working with what is known as a private label drop shipping company you do not actually have to stock products yourself. When you make a sale you just order one and it will be drop shipped on your behalf.

The great thing is that you can start by selling some of your own things that you don’t need any more before moving onto sourcing and selling other products.

My thoughts

Evidence shows that fortunes are made in any economy. I hope this provides some insight as to the effective ways that you can make money in this and any economy.

Graeme Hoppitt is an Internet Mentor and true expert when it comes to recognising the very best business opportunities available on the internet []

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